Planning a move of any type is a major event, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. There are many decisions that need to be made including when to begin packing, what day to make the big move, and how you’ll move all your belongings to the new space. 5 Star Truck Rental can make your move easier and less demanding with our convenient moving truck rentals. Often the question still remains: “Should you rent a moving truck or is it better to use your own vehicle?” Carefully consider the reasons below when deciding how to transport your possessions to their new location.

4 Reasons to Rent a Moving Truck Instead of Using Your Own Vehicle

1. One Trip Rather Than Several

With a moving truck, you will most likely only have to make one trip to move your items, rather than several. Wouldn’t it be nice to only load and unload a nice, large moving truck one time instead of running back and forth over the course of an entire day in your personal vehicle?

2. Room for Large Boxes & Furniture

Even if you own a large truck or SUV, there will be more space in a moving truck for large furniture such as mattresses, couches, and tables. With your own personal vehicle, you would still be making several trips and wasting valuable time loading and unloading awkward boxes and cumbersome furniture.

3. Less Money Spent on Gas

Again, with many trips back and forth between homes or office buildings, you are spending more money on gasoline when you use your own vehicle. Although the large moving trucks do take more gas to run than a personal vehicle, at the very least you will break even in the amount spent on gas.

4. Reduced Physical Burden

Our company provides many accessories that make it even easier to transport heavy furniture and awkward boxes. Appliance dollies, hand trucks, and tie-downs and straps are only a few of the moving equipment items we have available for our customers’ convenience.

Are you convinced that a moving truck makes much more sense than your personal vehicle when relocating from one space to the next? If so, contact us today at (818) 767-8816 for more information about our well-maintained truck rentals. We also rent affordable 12-passenger vans and 15-passenger vans for your next group sports outing, business retreat, or family road trip in the Los Angeles, Burbank, or Van Nuys area.