When it comes to moving, 5 Star Truck Rental has the vehicle for you. Whether you’re just moving a few larger pieces of furniture or all of your possessions, we can provide a truck or passenger van in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. Request a quote today by calling (818) 767-8816. 

Rent a Truck and Be Done With It!

Rent a Truck in Los Angeles

When you’re dealing with a house full of furniture, an office relocation, a business delivery, or the latest trade show, truck rentals just make your life easier.

There’s nothing worse than multiple trips back and forth when you’re trying to move. It’s taxing on your car, your time, and your patience. Just rent a truck and be done with it already!

Our box trucks can fit the contents of two or three rooms of furniture in one trip, are a cinch to drive, and best news yet, come with a lift gate.

This means you can literally let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to those large appliances like refrigerators and washers and dryers. And if you rent one of our appliance dollies, you can get the ‘fridge out to the truck without stressing your body or your friendships.

Our truck rentals are equally adept at serving the business community in Burbank, Van Nuys, and the surrounding areas. Use them for deliveries, transporting product or gear to trade shows, and filling in when the company truck is in for repairs. Rentals are available by the day, week, or month. Decide you’d like to have your own truck? Talk to us first because we often update our fleet and are happy to sell our used models.

Passenger Vans Keep It Together

We’ve all been in the situation of being the last car in a caravan cut off by a traffic light. When you rent a 15-passenger van from 5 Star, you can say goodbye to lost employees, late arrivals, and frustrated bosses. Whether it’s a big family group or multiple employees you’re transporting, protect your sanity by renting a van. Everyone arrives together and on time.

Customer Satisfaction Is Top Priority

At 5 Star Truck Rental, we don’t just say customers come first. We mean it. Contact us at (818) 767-8816 for more information about us and to see how to qualify for a discount on our already low “club” prices for a van or truck rental in Los Angeles. We’ll help you move up in the world. And once you’ve arrived, be sure to tell us how we did.

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