Road trips, sports events, and corporate seminars are group activities that often require travel and planning. Opt for unity and comfort with a van rental from 5 Star Truck Rental in Los Angeles. Rather than splitting up and dealing with lost or late members, relax knowing that everyone will be on time and in a good frame of mind. Contact us at (818) 767-8816 today to rent a van in the Van Nuys, Burbank, and San Fernando Valley areas.

Los Angeles Van Rentals for Group Outings

Van Rentals for Group Excursions

  • Heading out to the concert with 14 of your closest friends? Our 15-passenger vans are the way to go. Start the fun early and arrive together rather than trying to find each other amidst the chaos and confusion. People looking for 12-passenger vans often decide to go with the larger model for the extra space at a very reasonable price. 
  • Sports teams can enjoy the camaraderie of riding together to the big game, and the coach will be able to go over the game plan one more time before the team takes the field.
  • Remove the hassles of directions and parking for your employees when you rent a van for corporate meetings or trade shows in Los Angeles. 
  • Local schools also benefit from our spacious passenger vans when planning field trips of all sizes. Whether you’re taking the honor roll to the zoo or the whole class to the aquarium, our vans are outfitted to get your students there safely.

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We Rent More than Vans

At 5 Star, we have more to offer than van rentals — we’re also in the business of moving things! Whether you’re moving to a new home or office, or you need to make a company delivery, our lift-gate moving trucks are just the way to do it with ease and in comfort. We also offer moving equipment to further relieve the stress and burden of packing up shop. Just can’t get over the convenience of the truck? We sell our used vehicles when we update the fleet.

Opt for the easy way out on your next group trip in Los Angeles with a van rental from 5 Star. Get on our schedule by requesting yours today at (818) 767-8816, and be sure to check out our discounts. Once you’ve discovered the 5 Star difference, be sure to share your thoughts by writing a review.