Moving to a new home can be exciting, but it can also cause a lot of stress. There are many things to think about such as gathering boxes, buying supplies, and finding help. At 5 Star Truck Rental, we recommend following these four tips for a stress-free move to your new Burbank home.

4 Stress Free Tips for Your Next Move

1. Use a Moving Checklist

The first thing you may want to do is write out a moving checklist. You can search “moving checklist” online to find some that may fit your moving experience, or you can develop your own checklist based on your particular needs. Whatever you do, be sure to use a checklist that works for you.

2. Ask for Help

Don’t try to pack, clean, and load the moving truck rental all by yourself. Instead, ask friends and family for help. If you have older children or teenagers, assign them a specific task, like cleaning and packing their own bedrooms. You probably have many friends who would be willing to help out with packing, cleaning, or making meals as well.

3. Declutter Before Packing

We all have that junk drawer, packed closet, or cluttered basement filled with items we no longer need or want. Save yourself time and stress by getting rid of these items rather than packing and moving them to your new home. Items that are broken or damaged can be thrown away and those you no longer want can be donated.

4. Pack Strategically on Moving Day

Approach moving day with a strategic plan and follow these tips for a stress-free experience:

  • Ask someone you trust to watch your children and pets.
  • Hire helpers to load heavy items into the truck.
  • As rooms are cleared out, have helpers begin cleaning them.
  • Set aside items you’ll need on that day like food, drinks, and first-aid supplies.
  • Plan an easy, non-cooked meal like sandwiches, cheese and crackers, chips, and fruit. 

Rent a Moving Truck Today

Before your next move to the Burbank area, contact 5-Star today to rent one of our helpful lift gate truck rentals. You can easily request a moving truck online or call (818) 767-8816. In addition to our moving truck rentals, we rent 12-passenger vans, 15-passenger vans, and moving equipment, and we sell passenger vans and box trucks.

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