Preventive maintenance for your box truck does more for your business than simply keeping your work vehicle in top-notch condition. Scheduling regular truck maintenance will help you save money by avoiding unexpected repairs, increased fuel costs, and unhappy customers. The team at 5 Star Truck Rental understands the value of preventive maintenance and would like to share some reasons why it’s important for your box truck and your business.

Importance of Preventive Maintenance for Box Trucks

Address Serious Issues

A preventive maintenance appointment is more than an oil change and fluid level check. It is often during these appointments that small issues are discovered and then repaired before they turn into large, expensive ones. Mechanics may also inspect other areas of your box truck for signs of disrepair or damage. By addressing these problems early, you can prevent more serious, and more expensive, repairs.

Reduce Down Time

Addressing repairs early during preventive maintenance appointments can help prevent unexpected downtime. As a small business owner, being unable to work for any reason, even if it’s temporary, can cause a cascade of issues — late deliveries, missed appointments, spoiled food, and unhappy customers. In addition to all of this, you would also have the added expense of paying for these surprising repairs.

Improve Fuel Mileage

Preventive maintenance can greatly improve the fuel mileage of your box truck. These appointments check for several items that are directly related to decreased fuel efficiency, such as deflated tires, air compressor leaks, and corrosion in the brake system. Discovering and fixing these types of mechanical problems assists in maintaining a well-running engine.

Decrease Business Costs

Avoiding major repairs, improving fuel mileage, and reducing downtime are all amazing benefits of preventive maintenance. One of the most important benefits, though, is effectively lowering your business costs. Not only can this prevent many unexpected repairs and save money on fuel costs, but it will also play a big part in keeping those customers and vendors happy.

Quality Used Box Trucks for Sale

Properly maintaining your commercial box truck is one step toward financial stability in your business. If your current box truck is experiencing breakdowns often or is in need of quite a few repairs, request a quote for one of our box trucks for sale by calling (818) 767-8816. We also serve Los Angeles with our passenger vans for sale, passenger van rentals, and moving truck rentals.

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