5 Advantages of Buying a Used Box Truck from 5 Star Truck Rental

Are you looking to buy a box delivery truck for your Van Nuys business? If you rent delivery trucks on a regular basis, you may want to consider purchasing a box truck from 5 Star Truck Rental. Our box trucks are perfect for delivering large items like furniture, equipment, machinery, and other heavy, awkward objects. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the amazing benefits our box trucks offer when you purchase one or more for your local business. 1. Plenty of SpaceWith a box truck from 5 Star, you’ll have plenty of space for delivering, storing, and hauling large, heavy items. Our trucks are large enough to move two or three rooms of furniture in one trip. If you deliver equipment or furniture on a daily basis, you’ll save both time and money by not having the capacity to make fewer trips.2. Automatic TransmissionOur trucks are easy to drive and handle because … Continued

3 Organizations That May Benefit from a Used Passenger Van

Does your organization need a passenger van but is limited in its options due to budget constraints? With the affordable used passenger vans from 5 Star Truck Rental, your group can have a well-maintained vehicle ready for helping out the members of your specific community. For any of the three organizations below, a used passenger van can provide a number of valuable benefits.1. ChurchesMany churches, both large and small, can benefit from a used passenger van. Each member of your congregation can take advantage of the church’s van, from women’s groups to youth groups to pastoral staff. For these reasons and more, consider purchasing a van from us today:Transporting teens to summer youth camps.Driving for women’s or men’s ministry mission trips.Picking up people who need a ride to worship services.2. SchoolsPrivate and public schools use passenger vans for a variety of reasons. Both students and staff need to travel away … Continued

Reserve a Passenger Van for These 4 Events

When you’re planning to attend a music concert, baseball tournament, corporate meeting, or school field trip, don’t waste time trying to organize carpools or schedule drivers. Instead, take advantage of the passenger van rentals from 5 Star Truck Rental. Make it easy on yourself, your friends, and your associates when preparing for one of the four events below.1. Concerts & FestivalsAttending a local concert or music festival is the perfect opportunity to rent one of our 12-passenger vans. Enjoy the time together on the way there, and then celebrate the fun you had all the way back. You’ll have extra money for memorabilia by splitting the cost of gas and paying only one parking fee. 2. Sports GamesWhen you need to take your child’s team to a local tournament or out-of-town playoff game, take advantage of our passenger van rentals. There’s plenty of storage for snacks, drinks, and equipment as well. … Continued

How Moving Equipment Can Help with Your Burbank Delivery Business

As the owner of a delivery business, you understand that certain tools and equipment can make the job easier for you and your employees. No matter what type of materials you deliver, whether it be furniture, food, or office supplies, helpful moving tools can save both time and money. You may not be aware that 5 Star Truck Rental offers a variety of moving equipment for rent to customers in the Burbank area. If you don’t currently use these types of delivery tools, consider adding them to your delivery business toolbox.Appliance DolliesEasily move those heavy boxes and awkward appliances in and out of retail stores, corporate office buildings, or Burbank homes with an appliance dolly. Dollies can handle a maximum weight of up to 800 pounds! And they make loading and unloading cumbersome items a breeze.Washers / dryersRefrigeratorsStoves / ovensFreezersHVAC equipmentTelevisionsAnd morePallet JacksDo you deliver pallets of supplies and equipment … Continued

Liftgate Moving Truck Rentals: Making Your Next Relocation Easier

Are you and your family packing for an upcoming move? Is your business preparing for a fast-approaching trade show in the Burbank area? Are you relocating your business office from one side of the city to the other? Be adequately prepared with a liftgate moving truck from 5 Star Truck Rental. Our liftgate truck rentals make relocations easier and simpler for you, your team, and/or your family. What Is a Liftgate?All moving truck rentals at 5 Star are equipped with a liftgate. This mechanical device is able to lift large, heavy items from the ground to the bed of the truck with only the push of a button. Our liftgates can handle up to 1,650 pounds. That’s more than enough support for awkward appliances like refrigerators, washers, and dryers. If you have never experienced the ease and simplicity that a liftgate provides, you will be pleasantly surprised with the convenience it … Continued

Box Trucks: Why Purchase Used Over New?

As a business owner, making wise, cost-effective purchases can make all the difference in how well a business is managed. One way to watch your budget and not sacrifice quality is to purchase a used box truck from 5 Star Truck Rental. We offer a wide range of used box trucks for sale, for a number of business applications such as delivery services, moving services, hauling heavy items, and other uses. Below are three reasons you should consider purchasing a used box truck rather than an expensive new box truck. Reputable CompanyAs a locally owned and managed company in the Van Nuys area, we are proud to offer more than our well-maintained moving trucks and van rentals. We are proud of our exceptional customer service and the integrity with which we run our business. As a local business, we stand behind our promise of offering quality trucks with amazing customer care. … Continued

What Are the Advantages of Owning a Used Passenger Van?

Does your business, church, or organization often travel together in small groups? If so, owning a used passenger van may be more beneficial than renting one on an ongoing, repeated basis. At 5 Star Truck Rental, we sell our carefully serviced vans that previously were in our rental fleet. If you’ve never considered this option before, keep reading. You may be surprised at how advantageous it can be to own a 12- or 15-passenger van. Reduce Costs with No Rental Fees If your business or church is consistently transporting groups of people, it may be to your organization’s benefit to own a van rather than rent one. The cost of owning a passenger van for your church or business outweighs the financial burden of renting one on a recurring basis. And, how convenient would it be to not have to worry if there are rental vans available when last minute … Continued

4 Reasons to Rent a Moving Truck Instead of Using Your Own Vehicle

Planning a move of any type is a major event, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. There are many decisions that need to be made including when to begin packing, what day to make the big move, and how you’ll move all your belongings to the new space. 5 Star Truck Rental can make your move easier and less demanding with our convenient moving truck rentals. Often the question still remains: “Should you rent a moving truck or is it better to use your own vehicle?” Carefully consider the reasons below when deciding how to transport your possessions to their new location. 1. One Trip Rather Than Several With a moving truck, you will most likely only have to make one trip to move your items, rather than several. Wouldn’t it be nice to only load and unload a nice, large moving truck one time instead of running back … Continued

4 Reasons to Rent a Passenger Van for Your Next Group Gathering

Organizing a group trip for several people takes much planning, preparation, and also quite a bit of patience. Let the professionals at 5 Star Truck Rental make your next road trip easier by renting one of our passenger van rentals. Our vans allow your group to remain together during the entire road trip, offering plenty of comfortable space as well as sharing the whole experience from start to finish.1. Travel Together in the Same VehicleOften when traveling in a group, it’s vital that all members of the party remain together. Not only does this ensure the safety of everyone traveling, but also prevents anyone from getting lost or various parties arriving late. A 12 passenger van rental can provide all of this and more. No more stressing out about losing each other while driving on the road. Everyone is kept together, and no one is left behind.2. Space for Both … Continued

6 Advantages to Renting a Moving Truck for Your Next Relocation

Whether you’re moving your entire residence across town or relocating your business to a new space, 5 Star Truck Rental has the equipment you need to make it happen easily and safely. Not only do we provide moving truck rentals, but we have a variety of tools and equipment available as well. Read more to find out what makes our company stand out from the competition.