Does your organization need a passenger van but is limited in its options due to budget constraints? With the affordable used passenger vans from 5 Star Truck Rental, your group can have a well-maintained vehicle ready for helping out the members of your specific community. For any of the three organizations below, a used passenger van can provide a number of valuable benefits.

3 Organizations That May Benefit from a Used Passenger Van

1. Churches

Many churches, both large and small, can benefit from a used passenger van. Each member of your congregation can take advantage of the church’s van, from women’s groups to youth groups to pastoral staff. For these reasons and more, consider purchasing a van from us today:

  • Transporting teens to summer youth camps.
  • Driving for women’s or men’s ministry mission trips.
  • Picking up people who need a ride to worship services.

2. Schools

Private and public schools use passenger vans for a variety of reasons. Both students and staff need to travel away from the school building, often for reasons that don’t necessarily require the space of a large school bus. If your school system participates in any of the following activities, a passenger van could benefit your district greatly:

  • Traveling to music or choir competitions.
  • Touring the area for regional sports games.
  • Attending professional training for both teachers and staff.

3. Senior Centers

Senior centers provide a multitude of services for the local seniors in their community. Many seniors need assistance getting to and from doctor’s visits or running to the local grocery store for their weekly shopping. Consider using a passenger van for helping out your seniors in these ways:

  • Assisting with running various errands.
  • Driving to and from weekly therapy appointments.
  • Transporting groups to the senior center for classes or activities.

Buy a Used Passenger Van Today

Contact 5 Star Truck Rental today at (818) 767-8816 to learn more about our used passenger van inventory. We’re more than happy to help you find the best vehicle for your specific needs. We also sell used box trucks and rent moving trucks, 12-passenger vans, and 15-passenger vans to companies and organizations throughout the Burbank area.