Does your business, church, or organization often travel together in small groups? If so, owning a used passenger van may be more beneficial than renting one on an ongoing, repeated basis. At 5 Star Truck Rental, we sell our carefully serviced vans that previously were in our rental fleet. If you’ve never considered this option before, keep reading. You may be surprised at how advantageous it can be to own a 12- or 15-passenger van.

What Are The Advantages To Owning a Used Passenger Van?

Reduce Costs with No Rental Fees

If your business or church is consistently transporting groups of people, it may be to your organization’s benefit to own a van rather than rent one. The cost of owning a passenger van for your church or business outweighs the financial burden of renting one on a recurring basis. And, how convenient would it be to not have to worry if there are rental vans available when last minute trips are scheduled? You and your group can simply take off and enjoy the trip!

Ample Room for People & Items

Owning a passenger van can be helpful if your organization or business sends members and employees to various trainings and conferences. Again, the financial benefits of owning a van exceed the cost of constantly renting one, and there’s plenty of room for people and their luggage. Since you’re in the same vehicle, you can also discuss important topics related to the conference on your way there or on your way back home.

Enjoy Both Space & Comfort

It may be possible that, when you travel, you simply want the comfort and convenience a passenger van has to offer. Families with several members can enjoy the space while taking short day trips exploring the local area. Friends can gather in one vehicle and drive into the city, spending the entire evening together. The advantages of our well-maintained and spacious passenger vans are far beyond what most people realize.

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