Are you looking for a new business venture or another way to make some extra money? Consider buying a used box truck. There are several opportunities to make a reasonable living with a box truck such as offering moving and delivery services. When you buy a used box truck from 5 Star Truck Rental, think about how you could start making money by offering these four services.

4 Ways to Make Money with a Used Box Truck

1. Moving Services

Providing a moving service in the Burbank area can be a worthy business venture. Homeowners, residents, and business owners often need assistance with moving heavy items like appliances, furniture, office equipment, and packed boxes. Our box trucks are big enough to transport these types of heavy items.  

2. Retail Delivery 

With e-commerce and online shopping constantly growing, there’s a huge demand for retail delivery services. This service can be a great benefit, especially to small businesses in the area. There is a wide selection of retail stores that could use these services, such as specialty stores, clothing stores, discount shops, and furniture and home decor stores. 

3. Hauling Services

Businesses often need hauling services to move goods they can no longer sell or old items they no longer need. Along with hauling these things away with a box truck, you can also recycle them, donate them, or dispose of these items. Items you haul away may include office file cabinets, outdated electronics, old inventory, broken appliances, and damaged furniture. 

4. Junk Removal

Residents and homeowners also have a need for someone to haul away old items or junk they no longer need. If they’re remodeling or updating their home, they may need to get rid of old furniture, defective appliances, or broken items. Again, you can recycle, donate, or throw these objects away.   

Box Trucks for Sale in Burbank

Contact 5 Star Truck Rental today to learn more about our used box trucks for sale by calling (818) 767-8816, or request a quote online. We serve Burbank and all nearby areas with our moving truck rentals, 12-passenger van rentals, 15-passenger van rentals, and moving equipment rentals.

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