While riding in a 12-passenger van isn’t necessarily the most comfortable mode of transportation, it does offer your large group the convenience of traveling in the same vehicle. Fortunately, there are various approaches you can take to help your passengers experience a comfortable ride. 5 Star Truck Rental recommends these five tips for a pleasant and relaxing drive.

Enjoy a Comfortable Van Ride With These 5 Driving Tips

1. Plan for Regular Stops

Plan on stopping and taking a break every few hours, especially if you’re embarking on a day-long adventure. Passengers can stretch their legs, use the restroom, and just enjoy being outside for a while.

2. Use the Brakes Gently

The way you drive the van as well as how hard you press on the brakes can make all the difference between a comfortable drive and a miserable one. Many individuals develop car sickness due to hard accelerations or aggressive braking.

3. Follow the Flow of Traffic

Another way to make sure your passengers are relaxed and content is to keep up with the flow of traffic. If you go faster or slower than other vehicles, you may find yourself jerking the van more often than if you were to remain on a steady pace. 

4. Stock Food & Drinks

There’s nothing more fun during a drive than enjoying some delicious road trip snacks. Stock your bag or cooler with chips, candy, string cheese, granola bars, apples, and bottled water to keep everyone in your 12-passenger van happy.

5. Bring Pillows & Blankets

If you’re on a long journey, be sure that everyone brings items that help them feel relaxed like pillows and blankets. Avoid getting sore and achy from riding in a van for a long period of time by bringing lumbar or neck pillows that support various parts of your body.

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