Ahh, Coachella: the star-studded mega festival that is a favorite amongst celebrities and trendsetters. Every April, nearly 99,000 music lovers make their way to the relaxed desert air of Coachella. This year, 5 Star Truck Rental can help you get there!

Coachella is beloved by the masses. A well-curated music festival with the biggest bands in the world as headliners (this year it’s Radiohead, Kendrick Lamar, and Lady Gaga), Coachella also shows off the most cutting-edge technology, world-class foods, and striking, large-scale art installations.

Because Coachella is about a three-hour drive from Los Angeles, the free-spirited festival is frequently attended by groups, and you may be no exception. If you’re thinking about carpooling your way to Coachella, you should consider a passenger van (12- or 15-passenger) to make your trip more fun and comfy.

Rent a Passenger Van for Coachella
photo credit: public domain via huffpost.com

Passenger vans are great for small road trips such as Coachella because you’ll have plenty of space for everyone to travel together, no one will be left behind or get lost, and most of all, you get to hang out together on your way! So much of the fun is getting to spend time with your friends, so jump on that early, and travel together.

Other tips for Coachella: Plan where you’ll be staying, and figure out parking before you get there; keep in mind most texting doesn’t work on the grounds; carrying cash is better than cards; bring clothing to protect you from the sandstorms, and try to camp instead of paying thousands of dollars to rent a room nearby. Oh—and have the time of your life!

So why not book a comfortable and reliable passenger van rental with us for your trip to Coachella? Check out our current specials, request a quote online, or contact us at (818) 767-8816 if you have questions!