When your band or theatre company is performing in Los Angeles or touring California, you’ll surely need to find an affordable means of transportation to get to and from rehearsals and shows. When you rent a passenger van from 5 Star Truck Rental, you’ll have plenty of space for everyone to travel together.

5 Benefits of Passenger Vans

There are loads of benefits to renting a passenger van over smaller vehicles. Here are just a few examples:

  1. Passenger van rental Los Angeles
    No one wants to tour this way.
    Save on rental costs since you’ll only need one vehicle instead of several smaller rental cars. This will also mean saving on insurance, fuel, and parking.
  2. Keep everyone together so no one is left behind, takes a wrong turn, or shows up late for the gig. You know as well as we do, there’s a straggler in every group!
  3. Tailor your reservation to a 12-passenger van rental or a 15-passenger van rental, depending on the size of your group.
  4. Passenger vans have cargo space, plus, any empty seats can be used for stowing your gear. In fact, many groups opt for the larger van so that they have space for props, costumes, instruments, and other equipment. Our friendly rental agents can help you figure out which size van rental would best serve you.
  5. When you’re in a band or theatre troupe, there are enough ways to drive each other crazy; there’s no need to compound that by squeezing into a small vehicle together!

Book a comfortable and reliable passenger van rental with 5 Star Truck Rental today. Contact us at (818) 767-8816, or request a quote online. Plus, if you do happen to need more cargo space for your equipment, ask us about our affordable truck rentals. And don’t forget to check out our current specials and discounts to save some extra money — that’s something most touring artists can get behind!