Technological advancements have impacted the professional climate throughout the United States making services accessible at our fingertips to revolutionize career potential for Americans. Regardless of the industry, having the right equipment in your inventory is crucial. At 5 Star Truck Rental, our passion is transportation. We provide moving trucks, vans, and moving equipment to make your career goals a reality!

Put Your Career Goals into High Gear with 5 Star Truck Rental

The American Dream is alive today! Get the right equipment for your business to work smarter, not harder.

Get the Moving Trucks Vans and Moving Equipment to Make Your Career Goals a Reality

Moving Trucks


Does your business need a moving truck for one-time use projects? Some of our most frequent customers include professional service industries and self-employed operations. Make moving into your new office space easier with a 16-foot or 26-foot moving truck rental.


If you find yourself needing a box truck regularly, it’s time to buy. Our easy-to-drive used box trucks feature a lift-gate mechanism that can lift up to 1,650 pounds with the touch of a button. Construction, wholesale trade, and retail trade industries can see a return on investment of their box truck purchase in no time!

Moving Equipment

No matter your industry or business mission, using the right equipment saves time and money daily. We have all of your moving equipment and transportation needs with appliance dollies, hand trucks, pallet jacks, furniture pads, and tie down straps.

Passenger Vans

A variety of growing business sectors including healthcare, education, and hospitality industries require the ability to transport groups of passengers using safe, reliable methods. Transport your entire party together with efficiency and comfort using our passenger van rentals. In two options, 12-passenger van and 15-passenger vans, your group can experience events and outings together.

Starting a new business or enhancing your career is an exciting time. Request a quote from 5 Star Truck Rental at (818) 767-8816 for the right equipment to turn your goals into a reality.