A passenger van is a great option for a variety of group outings. Whether you are transporting colleagues to a business conference or hitting up all the tourist destinations in Los Angeles, nothing beats the convenience and efficiency of traveling together. For some, renting a passenger van is a new experience, which is why we at 5 Star Truck Rental compiled a few tips for when you get behind the wheel!

Passenger Van Driving














1. Learn Your Blind Spots

Before take off, your mirrors should be adjusted so that you can barely see the edge of the van. Your biggest potential blindspot is directly behind the vehicle, which makes it all the more important to signal properly and change lanes with increased awareness.

2. Braking

Passenger vans have longer braking times compared to normal cars due to their increased weight. Always allow ample time to stop or slow your vehicle, especially when traveling at higher speeds.

3. Remember Your Size

A 15-passenger van is substantially longer and wider than a normal car and requires more space to maneuver. Changing lanes requires more space and a greater reliance on the side mirrors. It may be a good idea to practice a few turns before hitting the road to get used to the increased turning radius.

4. Backing Up and Parking

Parking and backing out can be challenging for those new to larger vehicles. If possible, have someone be a spotter when backing up or parking. Another set of eyes will ensure that you have proper distance and positioning when backing up.

5. Never Drive Distracted

Never text and drive. If you are using directions for your trip, make sure to set your navigation ahead of time or have a friend help with directions. Always remain focused on the road and not what is happening amongst the passengers. Stay alert!

At 5-Star Truck Rental, your safety is important to us. Serving Los Angeles, Burbank, and Van Nuys with our fleet of 12-passenger and 15-passenger vans, you can count on us for clean, reliable transportation for your group. Request a reservation online today, or call us at (818) 767-8816.

Photo Credit: Unsplash.com