When relocating to a new office space or a new home in the Los Angeles area, many people wonder if moving equipment is truly necessary. They may think that, with the help of a few friends or co-workers, their boxes, furniture, and appliances can be moved quickly and safely. If your safety and the safety of the items you’re moving are important to you, 5 Star Truck Rental highly recommends using our valuable moving equipment. You’ll be more than glad you did when you save both time and money, plus your own energy.

4 Valuable Benefits of Using Moving Equipment

1. Prevent Injury

Take the proper precautions to avoid unnecessary injuries by using our helpful moving equipment. Taking advantage of our appliance dollies for moving heavy furniture can help prevent back injury, broken bones, and pulled muscles or strained joints.

2. Protect Household Goods

While your safety is of the utmost importance, so is the safety of your household items. Keep your furniture nick- and scratch-free with our furniture pads. Tie-downs and straps will keep your appliances in place, avoiding dents and scuff marks while transporting them in one of our moving truck rentals.  

3. Save Money

When transporting items from one place to another, whether it’s to a new home or a new place of business, avoid having to replace valuable items by utilizing our helpful moving equipment. Yes, using tools like appliance dollies and hand trucks will keep boxes of dishes and other delicate household furnishings from chipping or breaking. 

4. Increase Productivity

With the right equipment, you can move items more quickly than if you had to do it all with only your hands, arms, and muscles. Hand trucks allow you to safely stack boxes, moving more than one at a time. Rather than having two or three people try to move an awkward refrigerator, which can take too much of your time and energy, use an appliance dolly to carefully load this appliance out of the truck and into your new home.

Ask About Our Moving Equipment

When you reserve a rental truck for your next move, be sure to ask about our helpful moving equipment. Contact 5 Star today by calling (818) 767-8816. For all your rental needs, we also provide 12- and 15-passenger van rentals for customers in Los Angeles and the nearby areas.

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