Passenger vans are convenient for transporting small groups such as athletic teams, church groups, corporate team members, and more. There are several safety precautions to consider when driving one of these large vans. At 5 Star Truck Rental, we take the safety of our customers seriously, and wish to provide information that will help them arrive safely at their destination. Be sure to thoughtfully consider the following items before driving a large passenger van.

3 Safety Measures to Consider When Driving a Passenger Van

1. Experience

While there is no special license required for driving a passenger van, a driver who has experience with these vehicles on a regular basis should take these vehicles out on the road. 15-passenger vans handle very differently than other vehicles. They are longer and wider than cars, and require much more space to maneuver while driving.

2. Safety Belts

Passenger vans are popular due to their ability to transport small groups comfortably from one place to another. This does not mean that the driver and passengers do not have to follow safety procedures like wearing seat belts. Be sure all occupants are wearing their safety belts when they are driving on the road. Seat belts should also be inspected regularly and immediately repaired or replaced if they are broken or damaged. At 5-Star, we check all of our passenger vans for any maintenance needs or repairs between each rental.

3. Tires

It’s always a good idea to regularly check the tire pressure of any vehicle you drive. With 12-passenger vans, you should check the tires for any damage or wear and tear, along with checking the pressure before embarking on a long road trip. Improperly inflated tires can cause accidents for any vehicle, let alone a large 12-passenger van driving down the highway. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for inflating the tires to the correct pressure. The team members at 5-Star Truck Rental always ensure that the tires are properly inflated before renting them to our customers.

Affordable Passenger Vans for Sale

5-Star Truck Rental has affordable 12- and 15-passenger vans for sale. Stop by our lot today to take a look at our inventory, or call us at (818) 767-8816 to request a quote. We also have used box trucks for sale, moving trucks for rent, and passenger vans for rent for the greater Los Angeles area and beyond.

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